How is listening a creative, expressive act?
What does it mean to “listen together”?

get cranking

Artist-educator Marji Gere invites your community to join her on an exploration of these two essential questions via a 90-minute, all-ages workshop that combines music listening with creative writing, visual art, and movement.

During each Cranky Bach workshop, Marji guides teams of “active listeners” through the process of noticing, describing, connecting, and appreciating the quantity, variety, and quality of listeners’ possible responses to a live solo violin performance, via the collective creation of a “cranky”—an element of traditional performance art.

This is the first of many possible “active listening” workshops; stay tuned for future offerings, including one centered on Mario Davidovsky’s Synchronisms No. 9 for Violin and Tape!

What is a cranky? (and other nuts & bolts about this workshop)
Who is Marji?
Where do these workshops happen?
Why listen together? Why listen creatively and expressively?